→ IFC – An introduction for Autodesk Revit users

Emma Hooper escribe en Bond Bryan Digital:

Those who create and exchange information know we have a problem with moving information from one place to another which has been there since the 2D CAD days. Now we have 3D models full of information which is needed for many different uses, this problem has only become more complicated.

IFC is a specification for structuring construction information and should be produced in line with specific purposes. Because it follows a set schema the information should be put in the correct place to ensure repeatability and predictability. This means that tools receiving the information know where to look for it and we can create core standard workflows/rule sets which can be used many times to analyse and check the information. Our technology is talking in a common language regardless of what it is and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel for every software combination.

This blog has been a simplified overview of IFC which we have learnt about its structure, its terminology and where to find the information about the schema. In the next blog we will start to apply this to Autodesk Revit and go through the process of creating good quality IFC exports.

Bond Bryan Digital llevan muchos años compartiendo información muy valiosa sobre sobre IFC, OpenBIM y flujos de trabajo interoperables basados en Archicad. A partir de ahora, los usuarios de Revit estamos de enhorabuena porque la inclusión de nuevos miembros en el equipo especializados en otras plataformas (Emma Hooper, de la que ya compartimos un vídeo muy intersante sobre COBie), nos brinda la oportunidad de conocer nuevos procedmientos que seguro nos permitirán generar modelos e información más interopeable.

En el caso concreto de este artículo, se hace un repaso global al formato IFC y a cómo se estructura la información en él: 'entities', 'attributes' y 'properties'. Una lectura obligada lectura si quieres tener una visión global del formato IFC y, sobre todo, te preocupa cómo se traspasa la información desde Revit a otros programas.