→ Why every photo storage startup dies or gets acquired / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

A raíz del reciente anuncio de la adquisición de Picturelife por parte de Streamnation, Casey Newton escribe un interesante artículo en The Verge sobre la problemática del modelo de negocio de las startups dedicadas al almacenamiento de fotos:

[...] No wonder people keep building superior services: it’s impossible to store your photos with Apple, or Google, or Amazon, and not imagine you could do it better. And the need grows larger every day. Last year, trend forecaster Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins estimated that we upload 1.8 billion photos to the internet a day, up from 500 million the year before. But while services like Picturelife have attracted thousands of paying customers — I’m one of them — they haven’t found enough to build a sustainable business.

[...] But the startups keep dying. First Everpix went under. Then Loom, a kind of infinite camera roll, sold to Dropbox and formed the basis for Carousel. Now Picturelife belongs to StreamNation, which aspires to become the hub for all your digital files: movies, music, and photos. The good news for Picturelife subscribers is that it will continue being actively developed — albeit with a mostly new team.

[...] StreamNation is storing content on its own servers: a more difficult proposition than AWS, but apparently a much cheaper one. "Today Picturelife on Amazon is a huge monthly loss," Benassaya says. "Today Picturelife, on our platform, is generating margin. And this is how you transform, just by making the right technological choice from the beginning." Picturelife will be six times cheaper to host on StreamNation’s own servers than it was on AWS, Benassaya says.

Hace casi un año, el hasta ahora CEO de Picturelife Nate Westheimer escribió un artículo sobre la guerra de precios entre Amazon y Google en el campo del Cloud Computing: parece que esta bajada de precios ha sido insuficiente para hacer de Picturelife un negocio sostenible.

Soy usuario de Picturelife desde hace un año, y espero que el servicio siga funcionando porque hoy por hoy no existe una alternativa que ofrezca más sencillez, fiabilidad y funcionalidad para la gestión de fotografías personales.

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/2/7964663/w...