→ Nemetschek compra Solibri / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Nemetschek anuncia, mediante nota de prensa, la compra todas las acciones de la empresa finlandesa Solibri:

[...] Software provider Nemetschek AG (ISIN 0006452907) has agreed today to acquire 100% of the shares of Solibri Oy, based in Helsinki, Finland. Nemetschek was able to successfully beat several potential buyers because of its group structure with an independent brand offering.

Solibri is a globally leading and internationally aligned provider of software solutions for the quality assurance and quality control of Building Information Modeling (BIM), the digital work method for designing, constructing and operating buildings. The “Solibri Model Checker” validates that BIM models in particular are compliant in terms of integrity, quality and country-specific standards throughout the whole design and building processes. The evaluation of entire projects according to logical analysis rules which detect errors is unique worldwide. Solibri – like all the brands of the Nemetschek Group – is a proponent of open standards (Open BIM) and enables the application of building-relevant information via open interfaces across all stages in the building process.

[...] Strategically, Solibri is very significant for the further development of the Nemetschek Group. The solutions are a perfect complement; they will have a central position in the Nemetschek Group’s solution portfolio and connect all brands and their products by means of an integrated and holistic workflow.

El grupo Nemetschek, desarrolladores de múltiples programas BIM como Allplan, empieza a convertirse en toda una plataforma entorno a BIM: estructuras, instalaciones, modelado, etc.

Lo más interesante, bajo mi punto de vista, es que todo este conglomerado de compañías se basan en un entorno Open BIM para el intercambio de información y la colaboración.

Source: http://www.nemetschek.com/en/presse/press-...