→ Marian Bozdoc's History of CAD / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Actualmente estoy leyendo BIM Handbook, EL MANUAL de BIM (habrá reseña); en el segundo capítulo "BIM Desing Tools and Parametric Modeling", los autores hacen referencia a una web muy interesante sobre la historia del CAD: Marian Bozdoc's History of CAD.

25 years ago, nearly every drawing produced in the world was done with pencil or ink on paper. Minor changes meant erasing and redrawing while major changes often meant recreating the drawing from the scratch. If a change to one drawing affected other documents you were dependent upon having someone manually recognize the need to make the changes to the other drawings and to do so.

CAD has fundamentally changed the way design is done.

Una lectura recomendada, sobretodo para aquellos a los que os gustó la conferencia de Fernando Valderrama "Cuatro décadas de CAD para arquitectos".

Por último, me gustaría reproducir dos extractos de BIM Handbook acerca de la relación que muchos arquitectos (y la industria de la construcción en general) han tenido con la tecnología:

A good craftsman knows his tools, whether the tools involve automation or not.

[...] The manufacturing and aerospace industries saw the huge potential benefits [about working with 3D technology] in terms of integrated analysis capabilities, reduction of errors, and the move toward factory automation. They worked with CAD companies to resolve the technology’s early shortcomings and led efforts to develop new capabilities. Most of the building industry did not recognize these benefits. Instead, they adopted architectural drawing editors, such as AutoCAD®, Microstation®, and MiniCAD® that augmented the then-current methods of working and supported the digital generation of conventional 2D design and construction documents.

BONUS: The Engineering Design Revolution, The People, Companies and Computer Systems That Changed Forever the Practice of Engineering, por David E. Weisberd.

Source: http://www.mbdesign.net/mbinfo/CAD-History...