→ Building Information Modelling for Dummies / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Stephen Hamil publica en su blog una pequeña review del libro Building Information Modelling for Dummies:

[...] Written by NBS experts Stefan Mordue and Paul Swaddle alongside UK Government's Head of BIM Dave Philp it is fantastic to see this title published as part of the world-famous Riley 'For Dummies' series.

The book weighs in almost 400 pages and is split into six main parts. The first part looks at how to get started with BIM, in particular defining what BIM is. [...] In the second part of the book that looks at the foundations for BIM, the levels of maturity that were originally mapped out by Bew and Richards are explained.

In part three of the book practical advice is given in terms of defining a process around BIM that works for the type of organisation that the reader may represent.

[...] Part four looks at some real-world benefits of the working within a BIM environment. [...] Part five then takes an opportunity to look at where the digitalising of the construction industry will next take us.

[...] The final part of the book looks at some nice little 'lists of 10' - perhaps designed for those who like to flick through a book from the back pages first. There are lists of the top 10 BIM questions and answers, the top 10 BIM software considerations and the top 10 BIM resources.

El libro, escrito en inglés, está disponible en Amazon en formato físico (≈32€) y formato digital (≈23€).

Añadido a mi lista de lectura.

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