→ Autodesk React Structures Overview / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Autodesk ha puesto a disposición de los usuarios una technical preview de su nuevo software para análisis estructural, Autodesk React Structures:

Autodesk® React Structures is a new offering being developed for the structural engineer that is fully integrated into the BIM process and the rest of the Autodesk product portfolio. React Structures is being designed to be a powerful yet easy to use structural analysis offering for structural engineers. The application is available today free* as a technical preview. This project has been created on Autodesk Labs to collect feedback about the technology.

¿Veremos algún día un cambio profundo en Cype Ingenieros que nos brinde a los usuarios este tipo de interfaces y metodologías en su software?

Source: https://beta.autodesk.com/callout/?callid=...