→ A Supercomputer in Your Pocket / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Curiosa infografía realizada por Csaba Gyulai (aka floydworx) y publicada en Visual.ly:

Take a look at your smartphone. The device you are holding is more powerful than the most advanced supercomputers of the early 1990s. But that's not the only incredible statistic...

  • Mission to Mars: The iPhone 4 has four times as much processing power as NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover.
  • Time Travelling iPad: If the iPad 2 had been released in 1988, it would have been the most powerful computer in the world, and remained in the top 5 until 1994.

Un trabajo que nos pone en perspectiva los avances en tecnología que hemos sufrido en los últimos 50 años. Resérvate 5 minutos para su lectura.

Source: http://visual.ly/infographic-about-compute...