→ The Mystery of the 'Slow Service' / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

Un popular restaurante de Nueva York pública en Craiglist:

26 out of 45 customers spend an average of 3 minutes taking photos of the food.

14 out of 45 customers take pictures of each other with the food in front of them or as they are eating the food. This takes on average another 4 minutes as they must review and sometimes retake the photo.

27 out of 45 customers asked their waiter to take a group photo. 14 of those requested the waiter retake the photo as they were not pleased with the first photo. On average this entire process between the chit chatting and reviewing the photo taken added another 5 minutes and obviously caused the waiter not to be able to take care of other tables he/she was serving.

Definitivamente Instagram se ha convertido en el nuevo bendecir la mesa.

Source: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/rnr/4562...