→ DIALux evo 4 is now available / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

La empresa alemana DIAL anuncia la nueva versión 4 de su software de cálculo lumínico DIALux evo, un programa completamente gratuito para el diseño de iluminación arquitectónica:

The next step in the development of DIALux evo has been completed. DIALux evo 4 is now available as a download. This latest version for lighting design includes several exciting innovations. With the daylight function a further milestone in the continuous development of DIALux evo has been laid. It is now possible to calculate daylight with clear overcast or cloudy skies with CIE models. There is also further optimisation of the GUI and important functions can now be operated more quickly and easily. Other important modifications have been made to output, street planning and in the result tool. You will find details about all the important modifications here.

Source: http://www.dial.de/DIAL/es/home/mas-notici...