→ Google launches Contributor, a crowdfunding tool for publishers / by Javier Sánchez-Matamoros Pérez

A través de un artículo de Javier Pastor llego al texto de Mathew Ingram en GigaOm:

[...] Google Contributor, which is designed to allow web users to pay sites that they visit a monthly fee, and in return see no Google ads when they visit those sites.

[...] The contribution — which is handled through a user’s Google account, using whatever payment method they have chosen for the service — doesn’t go to all of the participating websites, but is only triggered when that user visits a specific site.

[...] One of the most interesting features of the project is that after the Google Contributor payment is triggered, a user will no longer see the usual advertising from Google on the pages of the site they are visiting — instead, they will see a message from the publisher, thanking them for their contribution. And in some cases, on mobile versions of the site, ads may disappear altogether.

Tengo la duda de si estamos ante un movimiento innovador de Google para beneficiar a sus partners o, por el contrario, estamos ante una estrategia defensiva ante el creciente uso de Adblock.

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